MINUTES; Year End Meeting


BVN- WED. MAY 25, 2016

ATTENDING: Patty Branning, Deb Brown, Peggy Christine, Dennis Fett, Becky Gross, Rhonda Lee, Allison Leisinger, Ted Mallory, Sarah Malone, Stacy Pippitt, Jennifer Puck, and Beth Schaben.

DISCUSSION: Encouraging membership renewal and recruiting new members

  • It was suggested that we collect and share anecdotes about how Association membership has benefited or protected members.
  • It was agreed that we should survey non-members on our faculty to ask what their objections to joining are and what incentives could persuade them to join.

DISCUSSION: Promoting positive relations with the Board and Administration and revitalizing a positive perception of  the Association in the community.

  • It was suggested that we arrange social events such as one in the beginning of the school year and invite Board and Administration members and their spouses, perhaps at the Dunlap Golf Course.
  • It was agreed that we need to be more aggressive about communications within the association and public relations from and about the association to non-member staff and the community.


  • Co-Presidents: Allison Leisinnger and Rhonda Lee
  • Secretary/Reporter: Ted Mallory
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Hansen
  • Membership: Patty Branning
  • Negotiations: Andy Armstead

Author: tedmallory


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