Memos on what can & can’t be negotiated under Iowa’ s new laws

SWUU Presidents, VP’s and Chief Negotiators,

If you completed bargaining prior to signing of HF 291, only part of this email is for you!  If you didn’t complete bargaining prior to the Governor signing HF 291, this entire email is for you!

We are getting questions from locals that did not complete bargaining prior to the signing of HF 291.  Apparently some superintendents are attempting to move the new bargaining process a bit more quickly than is appropriate.  We cannot simply “start off where we left off.  The following email was received from PERB this afternoon; I deleted the section that was specific to Cities and Counties.  Please see the clarification below.

Bargaining must restart with Initial proposals by both parties.  There are specific items of bargaining which are excluded.  However, there are others that are permissive items and we can and will submit in your new initial proposals.  Please see the attached document related to Mandatory, Excluded and Permissive 2017.  Additional guidance will be given next week.

It is for that purpose that we have scheduled additional bargaining meetings for Monday, March 6 (Corning HS); Tuesday, March 7 (Harlan HS); Wednesday, March 8 (Treynor HS).  All meetings are scheduled for 6-8 p.m. with registration at 5:30 p.m.  We will spend the first 30 minutes talking about recertification of bargaining units, so all locals are encouraged to attend.  If you completed bargaining you can leave by around 6:30 p.m.  We will then spend the remainder of our time together talking about structuring your initial proposals and strategies for going forward.

Please indicate to the district that you won’t be prepared to go back to the table until at least the week of March 13th. You should not feel pressured to restart until you are ready with new initial proposals.  The Association is the moving party and you need to have a chance to have guidance from us rather than from the district.  If your superintendent is pressuring you to restart, please contact us and we will discuss how to handle that.

PLEASE HAVE BARGAINING TEAM MEMBERS AT ONE OF THE SCHEDULED MEETINGS.  If you aren’t able to do so, please schedule a time for Sara or Pat to visit your local.  Please let us know if you have questions.

The SWUU Crew

Pat, Sara, and Marilyn


ISEA/Red Oak Regional Office

106 W Washington Avenue

Red Oak, Iowa  51566


fax  1-712-623-5137


From: Lawrence, Nancy [PERB] []
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 3:53 PM
To: Lawrence, Nancy [PERB]
Subject: Message from the Public Employment Relations Board

RE-SENT EMAIL SENT 2/24/17 FROM PERB:  As a reminder, please frequently visit the PERB website at for updates and notices:


As you know the legislature (through H.F. 291) has made sweeping changes to Chapter 20, the Public Employment Relations Act.  Please read the following applicable notices:

K-12s, AEAs and Community Colleges

If you (1) had not ratified a proposed agreement, (2) had not received an arbitrator’s award, or (3) did not already have an agreement in effect by H.F. 291’s enactment date, you must start over under the new statute.  Your completion deadline is now June 30, but you must start the process over beginning with the union’s presentation of its initial bargaining position in an open meeting, followed by the employer’s presentation of its initial bargaining position in another open meeting subject to the provision of chapter 21.  See PERB’s transition guidance on how to begin the process by clicking here:


In addition, PERB’s website also contains the official CPI-U Midwest calculation chart ( ) which interest arbitrators will be using to determine the maximum percentage the arbitrator can award on the impasse item of base wages. Please monitor PERB’s website for additional information.

Cleaned up Ch. 20:

For further information contact PERB at

PERB * Public Employment Relations Board * 510 East 12th Street Suite 1B Des Moines Iowa 50319 * * *515.281.4414


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