MINUTES; Wed March 1, 2017

PRESENT; Co-Presidents & six members


  • ISEA recommends not beginning negotiations until March 13, they will send a representative to help
  • Only thing new laws truly allow us to negotiate are base salary
  • If Board & Administration are amenable, there is a list of items legally negotiable (see previous post with memos from ISEA) such as sick days and leave days, etc.
  • Possibility that Some things in the previous contract, including insurance may be copied into Faculty handbook as Board Policy.
  • Preferably we could begin negotiations for things other than insurance in December. Previous years the Board has wanted to wait until insurance quote is available before beginning.
  • NEW RE; Re-certification- all certified faculty members will be able to vote for who they want (not NEA members) to represent them on negotiation team. So-called “union-busting clause.”
  • Moving & adjusting 3 Make-Up days (Snow & Comp) from optional PD to mandatory PD.
  • Concern about morale if early out revoked on P/T Conf days or duty-free lunches are revoked. Should language be added to contract about this?

Author: tedmallory


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